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We are a leading provider of Quality Supplementary Education backed up Inspirational Training and Support for Young People. Our focus is mainly on the core subjects of Maths and English and we work with children from Year 4 to year 11 which is generally between the ages of 8 -16. We also help students preparing for specific exams e.g. GCSE, SAT, 11+ and other relevant entrance examinations.

Our current centre is located in Beeston, Leeds though we are seeking to expand around Leeds. Our goal is to work in partnership with local schools to deliver the extra support that will ensure that the students that we work with go on to achieve their best possible grades and can apply to the top 10 schools in their fields in the United Kingdom and other global Ivy League Schools.

Primary/11 Plus

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Our Primary Tutoring includes both Mathematics and English language along with specific support for Year 6 pupils writing the SATs exams. Our 11 Plus Programme is tailored to help your child gain admission into Grammar Schools in the Yorkshire Region.


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We work with children in Key Stages 3 and 4. Our KS 3 Programme also focusses on Mathematics and English Language. From Years 10, we have a special GCSE Preparations classes that provide tutoring in Mathematics, English and the Sciences.

A-Level Mathematics

From : £200 Per Month

Our A-Level Maths offering is specialised and targeted at ensuring the best possible grades for our students. A-Level Instruction is provided by Expert Tutors currently teaching and assessing students with a depth of experience that guarantees excellent results.

Our Results speak for themselves

Hi Jonah, Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We got a letter from school I see you are candidate for parents governor. We are voting for you and wish you luck. You are one of the best tutors Will had. He still says to me, “Mum, Jonah was the best”. Good luck and thanks again. 

Mrs J.

I am really grateful to Lorna who recommended you to me. You have truly been amazing with Bev. To achieve a grade 8 in Maths in so short a time from our panic in January is impressive. Thank you for the hard work. 

.... Bevs Mum

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We hold assessments every Saturday at our offices in Leeds.

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