Are You Revising Properly?

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1. Space for Active Recall

Learning new information is great, but finding time to test yourself on what you have learnt is a must to succeed in your studies. This will retain the information in your mind for longer and ensure it is fresh when sitting your exams.

2. Having Variety

Keep yourself engaged with a variety of techniques. There are so many methods of revision to explore including blurting, flashcards, and mind-maps. Switching up between these will make revision more entertaining and sustain your motivation. 

3. Work-Life Balance

Ensure that you are taking breaks, spending time with friends and engaging in hobbies alongside your studies. Having a schedule that is packed with studying will only result in you becoming exhausted and having no strength to continue with your revision.

4. Use a Checklist

Listing the topics that you need to study is a great way of ensuring that you have all your exam content covered. This way you can avoid the panic of coming into the exam and worrying that you will be tested on something you don’t know. It’s also worthwhile to revise topics for a second time and tick them again so you know they are firmly in your brain. 

5. Read Your Work Out Loud

Reading your work out loud enables you to check for mistakes and ensures you have understood what you have written. A great revision technique alongside this is to teach others the content you have learnt. This way they benefit from what you’re teaching them, and you can test if you have properly understood the content.

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