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We don’t try to do everything. Since inception, we have focused on teaching only 3 core subjects of Maths, English Language and Sciences. This ensures that we focused on hiring only a core team of specialist teachers.


The role & place of Mathematics in today's education landscape is becoming increasingly more important. Largely most subjects especially the sciences have huge Mathematical content.
It is therefore very important that your child makes good progress in athematics in order to expand the opportunities for a future career.


Our English provision is aimed at ensuring that our students cover all the areas required to be successful & proficient with English Language. We have worked with a wide range of students including students whose first language is not English & have achieved remarkable success.


Science is a core subject and often split into 3; Biology, Chemistry & Physics & is compulsory in most schools. Students need a variety of skills that varies depending on which of the sciences the content is based on. So often it is easy to see students doing very well in one science subject and not so well in others.

Inspirational Tutors

Specialises In A Different Subject

Each inspirational tutor specialises in a different subject, and they take personal responsibility for the progress of the children they work with. We work with schools a group of students can be sponsored by their school to come and receive our tutoring services so we can help them succeed in their GCSE and A-level exams.
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