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LEXTRA was founded by Jonah Ulebor and Entrepreneur who is also a Qualified Teacher. His passion was based on his experience working with young people who usually placed no value on their personal ability and were not motivated to learn. LEXTRA was aimed at being inspirational and putting the responsibility back to students to enhance their life long chances for success not just in education but in their career and life.

We believe that along with everything else, Self-Leadership is the key to consistent personal improvement and lifelong learning.

LEXTRA works with a team of well vetted and experience inspirational tutors who are passionate about learning and working with young people. Our goals go beyond teaching to finding each child’s unique driving force and using that to maximise their ability to attain.

Our Ideology: Is influenced by functional teaching techniques which aims to put the responsibility on success on individual students by building on their prior knowledge and helping create a path to their goals. We believe children should actively participate to developing their own learning style and work on a personal time-table of learning that ensure they effectively develop an all-round knowledge that guarantees their future success and approach to challenges. Our Teachers are guided to use the most intuitive approach to helping our young people see the concept behind the learning rather than just the learning.

We aim to create a path of exploratory learning that ends in real life applications and how their new knowledge can help improve them and their contribution to life. We learn to make impact and to improve our world. We will ensure that our approach addresses the need for achievement in tests and ultimately make our students’ goals to higher education possible.

We will aim to work with teachers who are not just qualified but who believe in the value of education to provide opportunities for lifetime success. We aim to Inspire not just Educate. Inspiration raises questions not just answer questions. We want to inspire young people and all those that come to Lextra to Lifelong Learning.

Meet Some of Our Tutors

Our team of professionals are qualified and experienced with a passion to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Sarah Hayes

General Manager

Veronica Cairns

Science Teacher

Carol Garcia

Head of Social

Jonah Ulebor

Maths Teacher

What Parents are saying about us


"This course is invaluable. Your language teaching skills have been an absolute godsend for me and I can now speak fluently."

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Carol Anderson



"I now easily speak this language without any errors and have extended conversations with my foreign friends, it is awesome."

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Robert Wright



"Your technique and skills have be magnificent to learn and it has been super easy for me. This is the best thing I have ever done."

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Daniel Mitchell


The Lextra Advantage

At Lextra, we are committed to providing an outstanding service and we do this by implementing the following:

High Standards

High expectations delivered by exceptional and qualified tutors ensure your child makes progress.

Regular Feedback

We provide regular home work and periodic tests to track your child's progress with formal feedback to parents once every term.

Personalised Learning Plans

Children learn differently, so we ensure each child has a plan that suits their pace and progress.

Learning Mindset

We inspire your child to take responsibility for their learning by encouraging personal study through recommended resources.

Extra Support

We give your child additional support required to help them progress ensuring no child falls behind at Lextra.