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Dear Parent,

I may not know you personally right now but the fact that you arrived on this website tells me one very important thing about you; you love your child and you want the best possible future for them. As a father myself of 3 girls, I want to do the best I can to support them and their education. That is why Lextra Learning was set up. Our primary goal is to inspire children to their full educational potential. We do this by a range of strategies but what is most important is the fantastic people that work at our centres; passionate about learning and supporting our students. This is the reason why we are unique. I will like to invite you to a FREE ASSESSMENT DAY, where you will have the opportunity to meet our excellent centre managers. I will also do my best to get in direct contact with you not long after your child joins us. I want to assure you that only the highest standards are acceptable at Lextra and you have my word on that. Thanks for visiting us today.

Jonah Ulebor

The advantages you will get with Lextra

At Lextra, we are committed to providing an outstanding service and we do this by implementing the following:


Our students are grouped to ensure they are regularly targeted and that we are helping them make the best possible progress. We do this by also ensuring each child has a personalised learning plan. No child is healed back and we ensure that every child follows a unique path that maximises their abilities and peculiar working patterns.


We regularly test and feedback to parents on the progress of their children. We also aim to gain links through parental permission and introduction to children's school to ensure we make use of school feedback. Our communication with school ensures that we are focusing on the areas that will enable your child make the most progress.


We aim to ensure all Lextra Students develop not just an interest in Tuition but in learning and exceeding targets through different strategies including Home-work, workshops, Personal Learning Time-tables and closely working with parents. Every child at Lextra ultimately understands the importance we place on learning and our teachers model that on a weekly basis.

High Standards

We Inspire our students to high standards with high expectations both of our work and from the work we expect from our students. Our Lead Teachers are fully Qualified and actively teaching in schools. This ensures that they are trained in different approaches to get the most from your child. They are also aware of current changes in the educational sector and use this information to ensure adequate preparation for your child.

Extra Support

We want to have the right balance for every child. So we recognise that children need different levels of tutoring support at different times. During examination years (Years 3, 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13), our students are provided additional sessions to support their aspirations for good grades. Most of this sessions are given at no additional cost.


At Lextra, we want our clients to be raving fans. If for any reason, our tutoring does not meet your standard, we will aim to address this within a short space of time but you are also covered with a NO- QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE at the end of the first month using our services. This underscores our desire to be a leading brand with your satisfaction at the centre of our operations.
We want to deliver on your desire to give your child a great future.
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