Raising Happiness: The Children’s Happiness Guide

Raising Happiness: The Children’s Happiness Guide

5 Simple steps to raising happy and successful children.

1. Teach optimism

As a parent, there is immense pressure on maintaining a good image for your child, as they will imitate your character and traits. An aspect of optimism is facing difficult situations and feeling you are strong enough to overcome them. Prompting an optimistic approach to your child you need to let them hear you speak words of affirmation to yourself. Examples include: “I can do this” and “My voice is worthy of being heard”

This enables you to be aware and challenge any of your child’s negative or unrealistic appraisals of a situation. Applying this approach can allow your child to feel like they “can” rather than “can’t”.

2. Effort, not perfection

“Trial and error”is a term many of us are familiar with. Understanding that none of us are perfect but the effort that we put in, seems to the key to our success. Making your child aware that along as they try, with whatever it is that they choose to do, this is more than you could ever ask for as a parent

3. Praise, Praise and more Praise

Words of encouragement, when used in the right way can have a powerful and positive impact on a child. Praise should be genuine, sincere and focused on your child’s effort and hard work rather than the achievement or reward at the end. By praising a child in their efforts, this increases their motivation and self-confidence which thus equals happiness!

4. Promoting creativity

One thing we need to promote in child development is the enhancement of creativity. Making children aware of the endless possibilities that is available to them in the outside world. For example, helping them explore their creative side such as painting, writing, acting and even podcasting. Promoting these skills in children allows them to enhance their development skills, learn new talents hence them being able to achieve a successful career. Not only would they gain skills which would develop into a career, but this is also a healthy way for them to relieve any stress they may have as well as promote functional methods to deal with any mental issues.

As parents, if you are looking to enhance your child’s talents, provide equipment so they can work on their craft in their free time, when they are bored etc. Equipment such as a painting station, writing pads, books etc. Also finding workshops and materials that enhance specific skills would also benefit the child.

5. Forgiveness

Discuss the importance of forgiveness with your children, so that they’ll turn forgiveness into a lifestyle. Unforgiveness has even been linked to depression and anxiety. Children who learn to forgive are able to turn negative feelings about the past into positive ones. This increases their levels of happiness and life satisfaction. Dr. Martin Seligman, widely recognised as the father of positive psychology, has identified forgiveness as a key element that leads to happiness in children.

Thanks for reading, we hope this helps!

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