Schools and local authority councils are keen to provide support for the young people under their care through a range of strategies and interventions especially in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science. LEXTRA aims to help support the aspiration of schools to deliver quality and effective intervention programmes whether in-school or through extended learning opportunities out of school.

Our approach is methodology is centred around empowering young people to take responsibility for their learning and we do this by providing study skills and resources to aid independent learning. Lextra currently have 5 qualified teachers who are subject specialists in core subject areas and is supported by a team of other staff to ensure that learning is done in close proximity and small group sizes so ensuring that students get adequate help and support to make good progress.

Our key success criteria and approach are hinged on the following:

Qualified and Experienced Professionals

All core subjects are led by outstanding practitioners.


We aim to inspire students with our unique personal stories that emphasis the
advantage that education provides and the opportunities that it brings.


Students are provided with extra resources to enable them to develop a secure knowledge in the areas they are struggling. This includes worksheets, wide range of exam papers. To significantly embed a knowledge different approaches can present the best option that helps the students consolidate their knowledge.

Your school can sponsor a group of students to attend to gain specific support.

We have 2 recent testimonials of students supported at Lextra Learning who averaged grade 5 at their December mock exams prior to their GCSE and then went on to achieve grades 7 and 8. We are confident that our targeted role helped enhance the outcomes for these students and we have seen several marginal cases of students achieving grades above their school targets.

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