Study Hacks: Tips and tricks for improving memory during revision

Study Hacks: Tips and tricks for improving memory during revision

Revision for children during a study period is daunting. So we have devised a short list of ways to improve your children’s revision sessions, making them easier and more enjoyable.

Be Organised

Plan the day. With studying, it is better not to go head first and try cram everything in one go. Make a plan and stick to it! If a student forces themselves through a lengthy topic in one big chunk it does not sound appealing. But dividing this up and rewarding oneself after each chunk makes it fun and more manageable.

Get Creative

Create mind maps, draw diagrams and highlight key points. Highlighting in various colours is a great way to visualise information. Mind mapping is also a great and easy way to connect ideas as it creates a visual guideline for what is to follow and the various connections (e.g. using arrows).

Much more effective than note taking!

Practice, Practice and More Practice!

Practice makes perfect.

Practicing questions and going through exam papers over and over again will allow students to become familiar with the language presented in exam papers. Once a student is familiar with the wording of questioning this is guaranteed to give them the confidence needed to approach a paper with optimism and assurance.


A student should give themselves a break every so often and reward themselves for hard work. For example, if a student has been working for a couple of hours with no break or interval it can drain the brain and the information might not stick. Effective ways of adding treats to a study session may include that after every question a student gets correct they are rewarded with something they like.

Ask Questions

If there are people around that can help, students should utilise this! Tutors, teachers and even peers are there to share their knowledge accordingly. Asking questions can help with understanding and allow students to gain confidence and enhance their learning.

Beauty Sleep

The best till last.

Getting enough sleep is vital to anyone’s mental health and well-being not just those studying within education. Surprisingly, the mind is still at work while we sleep. Whilst we sleep, our minds hone the skills and memories learned while awake through the process known as consolidation.

FUN FACT: Trying to learn a new concept or skill will be more appreciated after a good night’s sleep!

Hope this gave some helpful tips and tricks that can be used!

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