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What is the Lextra Blueprint method?

Using our tried & tested Lextra Blueprint Method, we’ve been able to help your child consistently achieve well above their target grades! The Lextra Blueprint is our own 4 pillar success strategy that we use to ensure we draw out your child’s maximum potential!

Positive Environment

Ensuring your child has the right mindset, revision techniques and learning strategies that ensure that their progress is rapid and sustained.

Precise Planning

Lessons are planned and taught by Qualified Teachers who are inspirational and know how to target learning to achieve the best possible progress for your child.

Practice and Support

Providing opportunities for regular practice through assessments to track your child’s progress and providing additional, personalised support to ensure they achieve their goals.

Performance Reviews

Ensuring we use a range of tools to review your child’s progress working with them to identify where we can make the best possible gains.
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