Why Healty Eating Is Important For Children!

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Healthy eating is vital for a student as the right foods that are put into that child can help there
concentration levels at school increase throughout the school day. By cutting down sugary foods
and drinks, children learn better from healthy eating. This has been supported by Centres For
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Providing nutritionist food supports children’s growth and
development for the future.
Another key benefit of children eating healthy would be that it improves emotional and mental well-
being. It helps children think clearly and improve information intake for the day. In certain situations
healthy eating is also linked to prevention of bipolar disorder and ADHD. By eating healthy from a
young age, this can help protect children from developing complications later on in their life.
Furthermore, vitamins that your child gets from eating the correct foods can help with proper
functioning of the brain (evidenced with whole grain foods). Whole foods with tones of iron have
positive impacts on red blood cells which carry oxygen to the brain. Deficiencies in iron and other
vitamins can affect cognition.
So overall, healthy eating is vital, especially, in your younger years because that’s at the time where
you develop the most physically and mentally so it’s important that you get the healthy eating right
Did you know that it is evidenced that there are around 20% of year 6 children that were classified as
obese. Additionally, only 47% of children were meeting the current physical activity guidelines
according to the NHS. It’s clear that our children are not doing as much as they can to ensure they
develop effectively. So it’s more important now than ever to make sure that healthy eating is a part
of every child’s diet.

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