Mathematics English and
Science Tuition for all year groups

At Lextra Learning, your child is at the centre of our attention. We are your trusted tutoring service providing personalised and effective tutoring that helps your child make the most progress per time. In the last 4 years, we have distinguished ourselves as a top tutoring centre working with young people across West Yorkshire offering tutoring in the 3 core subjects: Mathematics, English Language and Sciences

No matter what your child’s previous attainment and progress is, we find new ways to ensure engagement. Our dream is to help every child learn regardless their background

Free Assessment Day:

Our Free Assessment Day runs on Saturdays and provide you the opportunity to bring your child in to experience what learning at Lextra feels like. In the first hour, they do a planned test in Mathematics and English Language. They spend the second hour in a group session with a teacher. The last hour is a mixture of getting some feedback on their work and additional resources along with further learning. The sessions are free but have to be pre-booked. Register With The Form

Free Gift And Resources If You Promptly Attend Without Rescheduling




The role and place of
Mathematics in today’s education landscape is becoming
increasingly more important. Largely most subjects especially the sciences have huge
Mathematical content. It is
therefore very important that your child makesgood progress in
athematics in order to expand the
opportunities that they have for a future career.


Our English provision is aimed at ensuring that our students cover all the areas required to be
successful and proficient with
English Language. We have orked with a wide range of students
including students whose first
language is not English and have
achieved remarkable success.


Science is a core subject and often split into 3; Biology,
Chemistry and Physics and is
compulsory in most schools.
Students need a variety of skills that varies depending on which of the sciences the content is based on. So often it is easy to see
students doing very well in one
science subject and not so well in others.



  • High Standards

  • Regular Feedback

  • Learning Mindset

  • Personalised Plans

  • Extra Support


Exam preparations is at the core of what we do because some parents realise the need for tutoring when their children are faced with pressure from examinations preparation. We therefore have core programs to help our students adequately prepare for success in exams. One of our distinguishing factors is that we offer exam support for all year groups and for the major exams:


taken by 7 years olds in year 2 and 11 year olds in year 6 with a focus on Mathematics and English Language


11 Plus Exams:

taken by children who want to go to grammar school or selective independent schools.


GCSE and A-Level Exams:

taken by students in years 11, 12 and 13 and often are the foundation for their future career and university education.


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