Having A Reward System During Exam Season!

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The exam season is a stressful time for everyone involved – parents, teachers and especially students. As a student, you are bound to feel pressure from all sides, with teachers depending on you to meet their predicted grade expectations, and parents pushing you to revise. But there are ways to ease this pressure. Using a rewards system can create a more effective and stress-reduced way to revise. A reward system, is a list of incentives you can use to treat yourself at intervals, so that you continue to be more productive. So, let’s have a look at how we go about creating a reward system and why it is so important. 

Creating Your Own Reward System

Rewards systems will inevitably vary from person to person as it is important to have a rewards system that suits your individual needs. Creating one that is most suitable for you, may entail looking at what you have access to, how much time you have left until your exams, and the price of the rewards you are wanting to gift yourself with. When thinking about managing your time, for example, you may see you only have a few days until your next exam. Therefore, the solution would be to limit the rewards to a simple walk in the park or a favourite snack from the grocery store, rather than a meal out with friends. Linking to this, financial restrains may be another factor that you have to consider. It is best to work with what you have, however, there is a lot of variety out there to keep you motivated, so cost shouldn’t hugely restrict you. Some completely free to low-cost rewards include long walks, meditation breaks, a sugary snack, or even a quick trip to the local coffee shop to buy your favourite drink.

Why Reward Systems Are Important

  1. Push You to Succeed: Rewards systems can be hugely beneficial in giving you the extra push you need to drive you to succeed. If there is a huge concern about a particular test you have, this can be something to look forward to and work towards when that moment has passed. In this way, it can place a positive spin on an otherwise extremely stressful time for yourself. It may even help to have an especially large reward for an exam that you’re dreading.
  2. Scientific Benefits: Rewards systems don’t just work to boost your motivation; they can also be useful in promoting a healthy physical and mental well-being. For example, treating yourself to an extended break can prevent you from experiencing mental fatigue, by not only giving your mind a much-needed rest, but by helping to increase your serotonin levels. This has the effect of aiding your studying as it ensures your mind is clear to allow you to retain information better and be more productive. 

Overall, having a rewards system in place can allow for a more effective and healthier way to revise. But remember, figuring out what works for you and what will keep you motivated during the exam season will take time, so don’t be too harsh on yourself and test out different rewards to stay driven! 

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